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The Complete Review of The Wrath of Missy


It’s everyone’s favourite past time; reading through something so horrifically terrible it makes you feel better about your own intelligence. All jokes aside, I went into the reading of ‘Wrath of Missy’ by the author Jon David with extremely low expectations. His first novel is a self-published monument to human depravity and how far one man will sink to consciously bash a group of people he doesn’t like. Nothing came of ‘Diary of a Lonely Demon’ but countless disappointments for the author who had pushed his below mediocre character in the hopes of striking an unfound interest.

The first novel easily destroyed whatever fan base this series could of had by simply being one of the worst written books of the twentieth century. I often say that you can write bullshit but as long as it sounds nice people will buy it. The publishing industry does it’s best to pander to the most desperate and gullible audiences, reaping benefit after benefit on the loneliness and nativity of people too unaware to know that what they’re being fed is toxic. That’s not to say these books are ill written or don’t read well; some of these books are best sellers and you couldn’t fault the author on their style alone.

Writing tends to be a meticulous and unforgiving hobby; you fear that the way you write will never stand up to the way others write and you dread that what you do write will be empty and meaningless. Good stories tend to combine the two though writers have been known to drop the plot and still get away with writing something that sells. Mostly because not all people reading are doing so to think but to escape. Books are known for being gratuitous representations of realistic fantasies that often encourage escapism and it’s no wonder when most books are about worlds extremely different to our own.

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 This. Just this. This review is fucking golden.

-DOALD Readings Have Been Moved/Updated-

 Okay, so someone is probably going to notice that I’ve deleted my readings of Diary of a lonely demon. Don’t panic if you were looking for them for the lulz. I’ve currently decided to do a shorter condensed version of my readings because, let’s be honest, who the fuck wants to sit down through nearly 100 readings of my rage? You’ll be sitting there for like 20 hours… maybe more, I have no idea.

 This shorter version of my readings will be going here so everything will be fine~ Please forgive me that there’s nothing there at the moment, I’ve been quite busy with school and work lately. Haven’t had time to start on my condensed reading!

 I’ll hopefully have a start on that soon!


 Alrighty people I’ve finished my reading of Wrath of Missy… if anyone want’s my final piece of what I thought of this piece of shit, then check the previous post… I am not posting that rant again. I don’t have time to give Jon David anymore, but I will finish posting the rest of my readings sometime soon. So keep your peepers peeled for that one~

 On another note, for personal stuff, I’m currently doing a re-write of Mahou Na Watash (魔法な私), which by the way is no longer called that… I’ve decided to rename the story due to the fact ‘Magical Me’ sounds really fucking tacky for an adult novel. I came up with the name in fifth grade so this shit has to go~

 So what did I name it? Well… I thought to myself, this shit is about Talimyn (Pronounced as tahl-lee-men) so why not name it after her? That’s when I came up with The Forbidden Goddess of Neutrality: Talimyn or in Japanese Chuuritsu no Kindan Megami: Talimyn (中立の禁断女神: ターリーメン). Sounds better if anyone asks me, I just couldn’t picture something called Magical Me having any sort of sexual content… or violence. It sounds like a bad mahou shoujo manga to me.

 If anyone wants a read of the first few chapters, I’m more than happy to share them~ If anyone finds some major mistake, feel free to tell me!

 Other than that, on a final note, picked up Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon Days and Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience: Part 2 of 2. Plus a WiiU… couldn’t resist - I’ve been dying to play Wind Waker HD, which by the way, is absolutely gorgeous! SOOOOO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!

 That’s it, I’m done, got study to do, midterms tomorrow~



Hey guys, remember how I’m red penning the whole of Jon’s book? Well I’ve gotten near the end only to realise I’ve mistaken one of the character’s for someone else almost all the way through. Jon’s characters are that ill-described, nameless and faceless that I mistook some kind of wizard for a…

Lol, I’ve done some of that myself… even my sister and I got confused about where some of the characters are from. Thank god I’ve finally finished my reading of this crap storm.

 I actually couldn’t decided who was more ridiculous in the end of the story between Jasper and Morgalla. I swear they’re the same fucking character, but Morgalla has a vagina. Plus Jon tries and fails at giving her loving ‘feminine’ qualities. Everyone is so shallow and under described. I really hate the amount of useless filler this damn story had… chapter 9 didn’t even need to be there. I personally don’t have any interest in any of these bastards.

 Other than that, there was a lot of time where one of the protagonists should’ve died but they didn’t. Have op characters is the worst thing Jon could’ve done for them… ESPECIALLY ANDY or MEGGAN. Fuck them, I thought that they were the most useless pieces of shit in pretty much the whole book. I’d love to nail Jon’s hands to a table with pencils just so he won’t write again.

 My other biggest problem with this entire novel is how is Jon going to conclude all of the loose ends in the third novel? HOW? I’D LOVE TO KNOW. I’ve come across so many logic fail moments or loopholes that I could’ve puked.

*Spoiler Alert*

 Goddamn Jasper having demonic ancestors is the biggest piece of shit ever. HOW THE FUCK IS HE A FULL HUMAN BUT HAS DEMONIC ANCESTORS?! Shouldn’t he have some sort of power especially since his ancestor was pretty much strong as fuck according to Missy. Jon needs to go eat a dick for that loophole.

 On another note, why bring Delilah back?! SHE IS FUCKING USELESS! Just like every other single character in the entire series and pretty much the vapid plot. Might as well put it all into a hole and set it ablaze… Well point made that Delilah hasn’t done anything hardly important in the story and since Jon isn’t going to hardly give the reader any useful back story to Morgalla then why bother with this bitch? I don’t give two fucks about colour changing fish or fucking purple stuffed elephants. PUT THAT SHIT IN A HOLE A BURY IT WHERE IT STANDS. If not, kill it with fire!

 I’m praying to god that this shit doesn’t ever hit the shelf… Wrath of Missy sucked worse than the first one if you asked me… I never want to read another shitty romance novel about someone’s everyday life again. I don’t need to hear these fuckers whine about how bad they got it. You’re not a fucking starving poor child in some third world country suffering with some sort of fatal disease whose family is dead so FUCK YOU. FUCK EVERYTHING YOU OWN AND FUCK EVERYONE LIKE YOU.

 That is my piece on this sack of turd. Thank you.

-Watashi wa Furansugo O Hanashimasen-

 Alrighty, so not much has happened, but I might as well update. Psh, fuck it, haven’t done it in a while… University makes me so busy, so does work actually.

 In recent events I gave up pursuing a major in french… I just can’t get into the fucking culture. Like french people are nice, yes, but I love Japanese more and that kind of overshadows any interest I have for other languages that I could learn. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Just fuck. I tried to submerge myself into french as much as I could - listened to french radio in the mornings, downloaded french music (Which was a fucking pain trying to find something that I liked), talked in french to french people, studied up on some the history… pretty much everything I could do. I GIVE UP STUDYING THIS DIFFICULT LANGUAGE! >.> 日本語はとても優しいだよ。。。でも、フランス語は難しいだろう。

 I have zero interest to continue this useless parade… Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice language, but fuck it! Fuck it like a hard dick! Like sure someone is going to give me shit since most people I’m sure will say that Japanese is harder because of the writing system, I know they will.  Sure it’s quite extensive, but that shit isn’t hard… I’m a fricken artist, I’ve got a photographic memory! Kanji is fairly simple if you ask me.

 I will follow my heart even if it doesn’t give me the easiest choices. I will hopefully continue to study what I love. I’ll one day get to Japan.


Is it concerning or just hilarious that I saw a man today leave Sobeys with a dog bed on his head?

 My demon’s vs. Jon’s ‘demons’… I think we can all clearly tell who the winner is in this competition. One of my main protagonists is definitely better… besides Morgalla is nothing like she’s supposed to be, bitch don’t eat humans, bitch don’t even giggle at torture. How is Morgalla more of a demon than Issaru? I really don’t understand Jon’s logic.

 Issaru hates humans and sometimes kills them for fun… That’s what a demon is supposed to do. He ain’t taking nobodies shit. Hell he’s fucking Lucifer in my story, he’s the god of temptation/sin so bad things are sometimes good things!

 I swear, I’m going to post the re-edited chapters of my story, Mahou Na Watashi (魔法な私) just to prove the point of how demons should be in a story. Jon needs to learn what the fuck a demon is before he starts writing about them… let him learn from someone who actually has a grain of sense. It’s a magical thing he lacks~ so why not?

 YEAH MOTHERFUCKER, ISSARU IS THE SHIT COMPARED TO YOUR OVER GLORIFIED MAGICAL HUMANS. I’m sure he’d probably to tell you and your bitch ass characters to drop to their knees and start sucking.

Just saying. Bitch is Lucifer after all.