-So You Think You Can Toss Around The Word ‘Rape’ Eh?-

Recently I’ve come to the realization that some things that I never thought would happen to me or anyone close to me can happen. Sorry to come back with such a serious rant but this has to be addressed. First of all I’d like to say that anything can happen for those of you who don’t believe this then you need to leave. You’re not going to like what I’m about to say next.

My boyfriend early last week was actually cornered and forced into sexual contact with his ex-girlfriend (Which he wanted to be nice to for the longest time so he tried to remain friends with her.). This people I’d like to point out was done without his consent and is blatant rape. Yes, strong word. Yes some asshole is going to come along and spew about how ‘men can’t be raped’ but it doesn’t change the fact that this happened.

He took nearly a week to tell me in fear that I might’ve left him over it. This is understandable, when someone is placed into a corner by someone they trusted it usually doesn’t end well and in this case that stood true. This is very serious. I’m extremely shocked to see that someone I hold close to me was caught up in a situation like this. There’s really no need for anyone to do this to anybody.

When I was younger I thought that people would’ve been more senseful but after a tough emotional journey of having my trust broken again and again I found that I just don’t have it in me to be as kind and welcoming as I used to be. If anyone has read through my previous journal entries you’ll find that I’ve had to deal with a few rude awakenings from people that I poured my heart and soul into. This lady that committed this horrible act I knew from the get go that I couldn’t trust her. It’s a shame for me to shut people out, but it’s something that has to be done sometimes for my own protection.

I told my boyfriend what she was like, I’ve come across similar people before – she’s a boyfriend stealer and would do anything to get what she wanted even at the cost of others. He didn’t want to believe this, he was too kind until finally after this incident he had enough of this woman’s crap and broke off ties with her. Mind you this was after a long text war of her trying to guilt trip into thinking he treated her like crap because he didn’t spend as much time with her as he did with me (We do live together so you can only guess we spend a fair amount of time with one another.) which is horribly ridiculous. I came to one major conclusion besides the fact this woman needs to go and admit herself to an asylum and that’s the simple fact that she was obsessive over my boyfriend which is highly concerning in itself. We had a long talk about the whole thing and why this lady is probably dangerous to the people around her.

This goes into another point however that women can be just as dangerous as those ‘nasty men’. As a society we’re taught at a young age that men are usually the people who commit crimes, who kill, steal, rape when this a entirely false fact. Women are just as capable of doing these things as men are, you just don’t hear about it as often. This might be also due to the fact that society has a habit of showing more sympathy towards women than men. I don’t agree with this. This is what’s called a double standard. It’s very dangerous to turn a blind eye to the problems that people create. Which is why we have so many problems in the first place because people have learned to accept these flaws and standards as true. Like I may not have a degree in gender studies or law or even anthropology or any related field but from my experiences that I’ve had to deal with I can tell you all that this is a blaring problem within our structure as a species.

How do people expect for us to ever achieve a day where humanity doesn’t fight wars within itself or hate for the simple fact of hating if we can’t even get little things like this right? I’m sorry but nothing is going to fly until you solve the small stuff first. We need to chuck this double standard into the garbage and first have equality among people. Why should someone else be treated differently than another because of gender, race, sexuality, etc? Especially on a social/societal level. This tolerance we have for these kinds of things is unfortunately what breeds prejudices and discriminative behaviors.

I’m actually astounded that there’s even people out there that say their rights activists that promote these kinds of behaviors. I have no tolerance for hate in any form whatsoever neither should other people especially if they put themselves under rights banners. A prime example of people turning a blind eye or accepting a form of hatred would probably be the feminists that will come along and tell me that women don’t rape people and men can’t be raped. Like hello? Are you sure you’re standing up for equal rights? Are you sure you’re ever standing up for people’s rights at all?

People, I’m actually very shaken what happened to my boyfriend previously. This is some serious stuff. Things like this should certainly not be swept under the rug. Nor do we need a parade of people who use very harsh words such as ‘rape’ on things that aren’t rape. Throwing around a word to label something that isn’t at all associated with that word is crazy! That’s like if I were try and say that just because the sky is blue it’s made of water because water is blue! Nope. Just nope.

It’s been a damn while since I’ve had to deal with someone who acts as a thorn in my side. It’s one of those things that I don’t like to do very often and that I’ll probably never forget as long as I’m living. Life for the most part runs along smoothly but every now again other people like to make it difficult, sometimes I don’t even know why? What was the motive behind the action and why have that motive?

For this situation, this woman proved to be more trouble than what she’s worth just because she couldn’t have what I have. Like how childish is this? Sad thing is she’s nearly twenty-six. I would’ve thought that boyfriend stealing or any attempt to steal another woman’s man was only in those crappy soaps. I didn’t actually think that some hoe would try that with me and my boyfriend. So what you can’t have the one I have, go find someone else! There’s plenty of nice men out there to choose from or nice women if you swing that way.

What mind boggles me the most is the mentality that everyone else is the problem. Um, well wouldn’t you think that perhaps if you think everyone else is the problem would it ever cross your mind that maybe you’re a crappy person and that’s perhaps why people don’t like you or want to be around you. Sad but true. I’ve met a good dozen people like this. No one wants to hang around a complete asshole nor date one so why have this high and mighty ego thinking you’re the best thing around when clearly you’re not?

The other thing that unnerves me is the fact that this woman (Which I’ve seen this behavior before) acts as if the actions she does (Even if they’re horrible) are completely justified! My boyfriend told me after the whole incident that she thought that he was enjoying it because he was being ‘pleasured’ and thus felt no remorse. This is highly concerning on all levels because this mentality is what creates people who become rapists and murderers. Along with a very skewered sense of right and wrong. There’s reasons why when we’re children we’re taught what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s how we keep ourselves from going back to an uncivilized state. Can you imagine if murder was ok? If you could go out in the street, kill someone and not be punished or locked away for it? Christ I don’t think I’d ever want to live in a world like that. Chaos is not the answer, we don’t need it to keep our society rolling along smoothly.

This is entirely why I believe that no form of hatred should be tolerated and accepted. Yes I know I mentioned in a previous rant that what people consider ‘bullying’,’harassment’, etc is ridiculous but that’s where there needs to be a line drawn and people need to build a back bone for themselves. I know that not everyone out there is going to be nice, I know that there will be times that you’ll have to stand up for yourself and/or pick yourself back up and this is why I believe that people shouldn’t be tolerant to these behaviors and should be some what ‘tough’ if you will. Sadly humanity might never achieve this happy golden land where everyone is nice to one another because of human nature allows these flaws to exist, it allows people to veer off the correct path and plummet into corruption.

At the very least this woman won’t be bothering me nor my boyfriend again. He told me that if she ever tries to contact him or come near him again he’ll get a restraining order. So that is that as they say. I just hope that people will some day understand that every is capable of doing evil and is capable or making the wrong choices spite of their gender, sexuality, status, etc.

So with that off my chest, enjoy Canada Day everyone.


-What You Forgot In Video Games~Strong Women/Misandry-

Alright so to start things off this is my take on the viral videos that Anita Sarkeesian made on damsels in distress within video games and how this leads into sexism against women. First of all I know that not everyone is going to agree with me, and secondly for those who want to understand what I’m talking about look up the videos on youtube. You’ll kill roughly seventy minutes of your time with the three that are posted so if you’re here, then you’re here for the long haul for this argument.

So to start things off on a more positive note, there was a lot said within the time frame that the videos were presented, some of it I have to agree with such as there are a lot of games that follow the trope of women needing to be saved by a daunting hero and that fighting games shouldn’t count since the playing field has been equalized due to both women and men taking damage. Even thought one could argue that this doesn’t really have much pretension towards women due to the fact that most characters within fighting games are male and women (as sexualized as they – this will be touched upon later) don’t have a significant role.

I’m not going to go into extreme detail about this lady’s videos, I don’t have the patience to spit back to you everything that she said within her videos, so what I will touch down on will pertain to my side of things. With all of this said, I’m assuming that first of all everyone has watched the three videos so we’re all on the same page. I don’t want no biased views here, nor will I give them.

Okay, so I’ve got that out of the way, then let me start off by saying that there’s a lot of things that she has overlooked and missed completely within her argument that I think should be brought forth with great detail. I’m going to first of all point out that a good portion of the mainstream games that she has brought forth are Japanese made video games originally made for the Japanese audience (Ex: The American version of Super Mario 2 originally released as an entirely different game that goes by the name ‘Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic’).

A little culture note for everyone: Japan has romaticized ‘medieval/west culture’ for a very long time and is prominent in several large franchises – Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Castlevania to name a few. What does this mean? It means simply that the idea of a knight in shining armor saving a princess from a terrible fate/dragon/tower is highly engrained within many games even to this day. I don’t know if she realized this when she recorded her videos or did her research but this is a blaring thing that cannot be missed. Not all games/game franchises were made with the western audience within mind.

And also not to mention with some of these games aside from the medieval romaticization is the fact that censorship within Japan is much different than here Canada or even the west in general. Example the legal age of consent is sixteen here in Canada while in Japan it’s thirteen. There’s a huge difference in sexual acceptance within either country even if Canada is considered one of the more openly accepting countries when it comes to sexual freedoms and social rights. However, Japan is still a much different country when it comes to how this approached. A different culture can sometimes create a much different standard for a good many things – video games is just one of them.

I’d also like to point out that the several things that were missed within these videos is astonishing. If you’re going to talk about women being portrayed as ‘weak/innocent’ when it comes to sexism within a video game then you should probably at least touch down on first of all the good many women who even if they aren’t the player character exhibit strong characteristics that go against this engrained view of women. People like Samus, one of Nintendo’s top female characters were completely overlooked along with others like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII or even Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Others who serve the role as sidekick to one of the main characters like Midna from Twilight Princess have also been completely swept under the rug. So I ask, why be so biased? These characters a very impressionable on fellow fans alike and go against the typical societal grain that women are supposed to be dainty and weak. There are very strong female characters out there like Kaine from Neir that neither need saving or needing to be ‘put in the fridge’ either.

These women have been completely passed over in favor to browbeat others that she described as weak. One of them being princess Zelda who shows that not only is she strong but you need her in order to progress throughout several Zelda games without her dying or being utterly useless to the player and acting as an ‘object’. I’m going to point out that in Ocarina of Time she helped the player throughout the game by granting them the songs to the temples and even the games titular object, without it nothing would happen. In Twilight princess, she didn’t get captured because she was ‘weak’, not at all, rather she surrendered herself to protect the people of her kingdom from Zant’s wrath and further Ganondorf’s. She helps within the final battle segment of the game with her light arrows and also does the same in the Wind Waker/Spirit Tracks. In Spirit Tracks you cannot complete the game’s main dungeon without the help of Zelda which comes quite handy seeing as Zelda has powers beyond Link’s. Last not least to put the cherry on top of the cake, in Skyward Sword it is revealed that Zelda is the goddess Hylia who protected her people (again) by sealing away Demise and raising a piece of land into the sky called Skyloft that held the golden relic known as the Triforce to keep it from evil hands. So tell me how is she the stereotypical ‘damsel in distress’ especially in later games when nothing would’ve happened within the Zelda universe if it wasn’t for her even if she does get captured? How does this make her weak? This is just one major example that was skimmed over as far as I am concerned and completely presented in a one sided view for simply arguments sake.

With a lot of powerful women being missed in video games, I’d also like to point out that extremely popular games such as the Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series have been completely missed but yet give the player the option to fully customize their character to their hearts content. Both series having a huge fanbase cannot be dismissed and called un-influential – they even let you choose the race of your character for crying out loud! So I wouldn’t say that game developers have completely fallen into to the trope trap of traditional femininity. I also like to point out that Bethesda (the company who’s made both series’) and the third company parties that help develop these series’ are American based. Things are slowly changing.

Another glaring point I’d like to flick out there is some of the games that are pointed out aren’t even within the mainstream (including the ones that have blatant sexism) gaming community. More than half of these games I’ve never even heard of. To pick out unpopular games that aren’t nearly influential and probably have what is called a ‘cult following’ is a tad bit on the foolish side. You can find a game to back up your argument sure, but the main point that I took away is that the sexism towards women shouldn’t be tolerated in video games and I’m sure you can find lots of unpopular video games that also portray sexism towards men as well. It can swing both ways so picking to simply get what you want is another way of swinging the argument in your favor with a biased view point.

Speaking of sexism towards men… I cannot believe that people actually think this doesn’t exist in video games when it damn well does. I’d say about ninety-five percent of video games presented to the mainstream market where the hero is a man is either a handsome man for our protagonist or someone that appears to be exceptionally strong. Almost never do you see a ‘weak man’ as the main protagonist. One exception that I can think of off the top of my head is Abe from the Oddworld series. He’s not particularly handsome nor is he ‘strong’ looking. He’s somewhat feeble but yet still shows the typical and societally acceptable strong determination to protect those he loves and be the hero.

If you do see a weak male figure within video games then it’s nearly always a side kick. With this kind of promotion within the media that men are supposed to be hunks that will do anything to protect a woman/person they love they are expected to push aside their own feelings for the sake of others and hold a strong front. What does this mean? Simple, their supposed to be tough, unfaltering throughout their day to day lives in holding up this strong image that they can’t be hurt but words or whatever is thrown at them. Video games promote this too. Even ‘child-like’ characters like Pit from the Kid Icarus series and Ness from the Earthbound series show this determined, strong willed attitude that they must be the ones to stop evil and save those who are close to them.

Another thing that I’ve noticed within the games that people over sexualized women is that men are portrayed as sex-hungry animals without being able to resist their urges. By presenting them as someone who cannot control themselves and leave them solely to act upon instinct this gives the impression for men that it socially acceptable to like an animal for the sake of sex. There’s also a huge stereotype within ‘damsel in distress’ games that men must have a relationship with whomever it is they’re trying to save. Meaning this gives light to the whole ‘men won’t do a thing for people unless they get rewarded’. By intended that men cannot act selflessly you’re bringing forth a whole new message that being selfish is a-okay! So by ignoring misandry in video games, you’ve opened a whole new kettle of fish that sends out these messages to our male audience that this behavior is positive.

To throw this out there, but is it just me or are most antagonists – not just heroes – male? In Mario it’s Bowser, Zelda – Ganondorf, Castlevania – Dracula, and even most Final Fantasy games not to mention countless other stand alone games. Very rarely is the main antagonist female. Even when it seems to be – there’s always someone else pulling the strings. This huge influx of male antagonists also fortifies the message that men are violent creatures. This just creates fodder for people like feminists to call men out on being abusive, rapists, and pretty the source of all our problems which is by far not true. Since what typically the hero and the antagonist have in common is that throughout the game they’re typically overtly violent to get what they want so automatically making this connection that pretty much most men in video games are this way also tells our audience that men being violent is also ‘okay’.

Not to mention the typical character traits of most villains. The biggest one usually being their dominant or aggressive-assertive manner in which they are portrayed. To top everything off, like their protagonist counterparts, they’re usually appear to be strong as well. This isn’t quite as common as the protagonist, but it’s still a blaring problem that needs to be addressed.

To think that Anita forgot this glaring point which unfortunately, a lot of feminists do. This also happens to go along with the societal view that a man must be strong and unbothered by anything hence why people are more likely to see women cry versus men when it comes to an emotional situation. Men who don’t fit into this ‘strong’ category and typically there for satirical purpose or are completely useless. So tell me how is it that men aren’t being targeted either? Sadly no one seems to care within feminist circles that this is happening and the biggest thing that I’ve been told by fellow feminists is that they stand for equal rights. If so, then why isn’t all this sexism brought forth about men? Reason? Because sadly a lot of people fall into the traditional gender roles trap when it comes to how men are treated and presented within the media. And the highly presented fact that feminism is female oriented – it doesn’t practice equal rights, maybe preaches but certainly doesn’t practice it.

For another point I’ve got to make is this, people aren’t bothered by what they like. Within video games there’s a lot of hyper-sexualization happening and people let it fly by. For us women, do you think we’d deny a strong handsome man? For men, do you think they’d deny a cute/sexy woman? Sex does sell even if it isn’t porn. Adds are sometimes placed with subliminally sexual messages to sell their product. Could be anything from shaving cream to make-up. The entertainment industry is no different and I’d also like to point out that if you’re going to bark about women being treated like objects within video games, you might as well touch down on other forms of media as well. Take novels for example, there’s thousand of romance stories that romanticize the whole dominant male stereotype and the weak female stereotype yet they still sell like hot cakes. Sometimes even borderline subjects such as rape are fantasized in the more sexually oriented novel. Take Fifty Shades of Gray for example. The main female protagonist is on more than one occasion forced against her will to have sex with the novel’s male protagonist. This series is now one of the top selling books here in the west. It’s mainly read by women and completely follows all of these horrible tropes and stereotypes that people have been so desperate to get away from.

The gaming industry is no different. If the majority of people like the whole traditional gender roles or damsel in distress games then they’ll make more of them! Anita even said within her video at one point that she’s a fan of video games herself and plays a good few of them even if they present to her what she stands against. Which in turn is almost laugh worthy. You’re completely unsupportive of the whole sexism towards women within video games but yet you’ll still buy them and play them? Put your money where your mouth is and quit supporting these people by buying them! By buying a certain game and joining the masses that increase in sales for the game company tells them that hey, people love this! Let’s make more! Don’t buy it if you don’t agree with what it’s presenting you with!

And leaping forth to my next point, why is it so bad that women are presented as meek, dainty or even motherly? Why is the traditional gender role for women frowned upon so highly these days? Not every single woman is this tough and tenacious person. Just like not all men are either. Women can have these traits and still present themselves in strong fashion without looking like the hulk or some other muscled character. Biologically women are weaker then men. We are meant to be the more nurturing of the sexes and by displaying typical ‘feminine’ traits doesn’t mean that were objectifying ourselves, no. We’re simply doing what nature has hardwired into us. Just like how nature has given men the ability to gain muscle faster due to their body chemistry.

I’d like to point out that some video games do a great job on capturing ‘traditional role females’ exhibiting strong personalities without being over sexualized either. Main example – the Fatal Frame series. Probably one of my favorites where every single character you play as is female (except for Kei in 3 and Choushiro in 4). I’m rather surprised to see that this wasn’t touched down upon in Anita’s third video seeing as she brought up games that present women in a positive light. Especially since she brought up a fair few non-mainstream titles.

So with my point now made, I’d like to say that hopefully next time someone decides to make a big spiel about sexism in video games they’ll also include men and also prove that not all women in video games are these helpless weak women that cannot do a thing for themselves. There’s many other things that could be touched down about video games such as stereotypes in general and even racism or the lack of people of different ethnic backgrounds. If you’re going to make a huge point about any of these things be sure that you’re not completely one-sided and biased. I rather much read an article that informs the reader a little better than what has already been done.

With all that said, enjoy and have a good day people.



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About Chris Mackney

There’s a lot more about him on A Voice For Men but I do not use them as a cite.

The love that my daughter and I shared was truly special. She is a such a sweet, kind and gentle spirit. I am so sorry that I will not be there…

 This. Just this.

 Extremely good example of some of the misandry that happens here in the west. And to all you women who claim that misandry doesn’t exist, this here is screaming proof. How does it not exist? A man has been stripped of everything he had. How is that not attacking his rights?

 It’s heartbreaking to know that some people don’t bat an eye at this.Very powerful, I’m glad to have read it even though it made me cry (my eyes hurt now). I hope things like this get across to people. It really hit home for myself…

 I’ve got a cousin who’s now in a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend. Someone that lied and said he beat his child when I know this isn’t true. My cousin is like a brother to me and he wouldn’t hurt anyone. This upsets me to know that people will side with women even if they’re wrong. Everyone should be given a fair chance - everyone should be treated equally, but doesn’t always happen.

 People who abuse power for the sake of hurting others should be ashamed. People tend to forget that women can do hurtful things too, as a woman myself I know this to be more than true. I find that people bark about men suppressing us, but we do suppress them.

 Next time someone says that women don’t have it good, I want them to think about this man’s suicide note. We’ve got it pretty damn good if you ask me. We shouldn’t complain about every little thing.

 I hope that one day people will treat each other equally, kindly and with respect. Until then, I guess we’ve got a lot of work to do.

-Being A Brony is Awesome-

 I wanted to say that over the past little while I’ve gotten into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (known as mlp). I’ve noticed that there’s a good amount of people that are hating on the mainly male fanbase for liking the show since it’s originally aimed towards little girls. I will admit, I didn’t care for it at first, but my boyfriend liked it so I decided to give it a go. It took me a while to warm up, but when I did I found myself looking forward to the new episodes every saturday. I haven’t watched all of the episodes, but my goodness, I can’t believe that the show is already into it’s fourth season with a fifth one on the way.

 It’s pretty popular and like every fanbase it’s got its ups and downs. I’ve seen a huge amount of people get upset calling the brony community an array of names. Which I’ve got to wonder, as a new fan of the show, why are people so mad? Isn’t it like any other kids show that gains a following (ie: Adventure Time, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, etc.)? Like don’t get me wrong there’s people out there that do draw porn of every character, people who do have horse fetishes, people who identify as furries or are into bestiality in general but this shouldn’t eclipse the entire fanbase into these categories. Not everyone is into all of these things.

 I understand that mlp isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and there probably are people out there that dislike the show for better reasons than the examples above. But I think everyone should approach something with an open mind the first time going into it when it comes to forms of entertainment. Every thing out there that has been published in either video or written format for people to enjoy always has a following of people who like it and people who don’t. People are after all entitled to their own opinion just I personally think that when someone makes a judgement call on some fanbase it should be well thought over. Not for petty reasons. Don’t get me wrong there’s things out there that I like to call ‘insta-loves’ or ‘insta-hates’. Things that people just can’t seem to like/dislike for personal reasons based on other likes/dislikes, beliefs, religion, status, knowledge, morals, mannerism, etc. For example I absolutely loved EastNewSound when I heard them (they make doujin techno music if you’re wondering), but I couldn’t stand Kesha when I heard her the first time. My opinion on these two artists still stands to this very day (even if I have given Kesha more than one go…).

 I find especially when something breaks the mold (such as mlp, if you don’t get this then please just go watch the show for yourself) that people are quick to jump the gun and make irrational calls. Unfortunately there’s even attacks from the media even on the topic of the mlp fandom. As a person that believes strongly in equality I have to praise mlp for what it has brought forth. It’s basically a show with a mainly female main cast that doesn’t place these women into standard gender roles nor plays them up as being masculine. Each and every character is unique, even the minor characters such as Derpy. I’m sure this has been mentioned before by someone else.

 What really amazes me is the male fan base. I praise them especially for breaking out of traditional gender roles for something that their passionate about since there is a double standard of accepting for fans based on gender. Women typically aren’t frowned upon for liking something that’s made for little girls, yet men are. I think that this is pretty damn foolish, people should be able to like what they want even if it doesn’t conform for social norms no matter what age they are. I’ve also noticed that the general populace is opening up to these changes.

 For example I’ll give you guys this since I’ve seen it more than once and at different times within my life. There was a lot of ridicule and dirty looks back in the 90’s/early 00’s if a man wore women’s clothes out in public but nowadays I find that most people just kind of brush it off (at least we’re I live). This is kind of the same thing. People daring to venture outside the norms and I’m proud to see it. I’m glad that there are people that want to make change, to open up the world a little more to make it a better place that accepts more things. Don’t get me wrong, some places still don’t accept a lot of things, but at least things are slowly changing on an international scale.

 Thankfully mlp promotes positive attitudes towards basic morals such as share or don’t hurt others, but it also touches down on deeper meanings as life isn’t always easy (season 1, ep 26), people cannot strip you of what you believe in (season 2 finale), and power/evil corrupts innocent people (season 4, ep 23) to name a few. And of course as the title of the show implies there are heavy morals regarding friendship. It’s enjoyable for both children and adults with the messages it presents.

 I think people have to calm down over the show and the fanbase. Like how can something that teaches people positive morals be wrong? I don’t understand why people would start a shit storm over this, but that being said, there’s always someone who disagrees. There’s always someone out there that doesn’t want to give it a fair chance before making an opinion. Unfortunately this arrogance isn’t limited within entertainment, there are closed minded people that will be biased and shoot their mouth off without seeing the whole picture in everything.

 This kind of circles round to the thought/opinion I have on how people occasionally let these biased views get in the way and sometimes hate something for no good reason. I wanted to bring this up within this spiel because it’s an ongoing problem. It’s like the old saying ‘eye for an eye until the whole world goes blind’. This is kind of how deep seeded hatred begins. Like if someone has parents that have a strong biased hate towards something then chances are they’ll continue this. On occasion someone snaps out of the mold and goes against the flow. That’s a very hard thing to do, to defy the societal views and/or family views that surround a person everyday.

 I’ve noticed there are people do not like change seeing as it’s either a bad thing or being stuck in their ways (Mind you some changes are bad like when Hitler took over most of Europe back in the 1940’s). I like to accept change seeing as it does happen – the world is slowly opening up. Some are big like immigration changing in east Asia from the turn of last century to small things like people accepting mlp fans.

 I’m happy that this positive movement is starting to take root. There’s a lot of things that are benefiting. Such as people now are more accepting of positive body image (maybe not the media but they’re typically full of crap anyways) to introduction to a more culturally accepting society (Hey we’ve got more selection in delicious food from other countries! Sorry, I just love food and ‘American Food’ I find is boring, nice to have some variety). Maybe this is just here in Canada, but hey I’m lovin’ it.

 I’m sure other countries will eventually follow suit. Power to positivity!


 And by the way, Fluttershy is my favorite pony if anyone is wondering~



Alright people, I’m here for one final rant on the flame war that ensued over the past two days. These are my after thoughts on the subject and how our fellow ‘rights activist warriors’ had come along to ‘save the day’ (Because I’m really worth their time to argue against seeing as I’m such a…

You are literally a mess.

You are happy to jump on a bandwagon to call a man sexist when it’s hilarious to you but when you slip the hell up and say something racist suddenly you want to apologise to him?

That’s not you being mature; that’s you getting called out the same way he did and then backtracking because you don’t like it.

You know, Jon might deny being sexist. He might even be a sexual stalker on a list somewhere from new information but at least, at least he doesn’t have the gall to go around criticizing other people for being sexist.

Because honey, I didn’t see you apologising to him before this. You were happy to read him until you were being read the same way so you have no high and mighty way out of this.

Don’t pretend you’re an ‘equal rights’ person when you’ve stepped over a ton of examples why women, more specifically women of colour, don’t have rights in the western world. I gave you examples of how you were wrong about that. Decent examples and I told you that you didn’t know about them because of your whiteness and now suddenly you want to label feminism ‘extremist’ or all about ‘putting one group above another’. 

Literally, you back track so hard it’s hilarious. The fact that you have the audacity to ‘apologise’ to Jon David just shows us what a child you are. You’re only apologising to him because suddenly you’re in his position. You are hilarious. You made readings about him just like the people you’re criticising and now suddenly you’re under fire and you ‘understand why he hates women’?

So basically now you’ve been called on racism, your gonna throw sexism in there too just to put the cherry on the fucking cake.

You wanna know why Jon David don’t like women? And it’s not your shitty ‘WAH YOU’VE BULLIED HIM TOO MUCH FOR BEING A DICK’ excuse. It’s because he’s been fired from multiple jobs for stalking and harassing women who wouldn’t go out with him. So get a grip you absolute child pretending that this wasn’t all entertainment for you until you revealed yourself to be just like him.

Bottom line sweetheart is, I don’t give two shits that the people you work with think you’re nice. You actively called WOC liars, you knew nothing about the suffering of WOC, trans, queer or poor women but assumed you did and then criticised them. You made a sweeping generalisation that because you’re doing well then all women must be doing well and when you were told that statement was dipped in racial bias you got high and mighty about it.

Come off your high horse, because it’s a hypocritical load of bullshit to say my reviews are trolling him when you made a bunch of recordings that only served the purpose of ripping him as much as anyone else did.

Plus stop mentioning us in separate posts instead of just answering us flat out because you’re scared that we know the truth. That we listened to your recordings, that we read your first post. Talk to your work mates all you like; no body believe that a white woman who takes issue with the negative connotations of ‘white feminism’ but still thinks all western women are doing as well if not better than men is a good person. So maybe instead of starting this shit, you could of turned around and said ‘Hey, you’re right. I forgot about the fact that plenty of women suffer though they’re not like me. I should have considered that and not shot my mouth off about stuff I didn’t know. I apologise’.

Instead you give a fake ass apology to a sexual predator you happily ripped before.

Why don’t you be an adult for the first time in your life and if you’re going to talk about me, talk about me to my face.

Listen here mother fucker. I am tired of your goddamn bullshit. You want the not so nice side of me, you got it. You want me to come to your face and fucking talk back to you, you’ve got it. You’ve been calling me out on several posts now with shoving your bullshit down my throat, painting me to be a person that I would never be.

Never will I apologize to you. Why? Because you have a pole so fucking big up your ass and a high and mighty attitude that you first of all don’t deserve an apology (Nor my kindness). Secondly your a fucking twat that cannot admit that you’re wrong. God forbid you’ve actually shown a human flaw! You were wrong about the points I made, you were wrong on what my posts represented, you were wrong on what kind of person I am, you were wrong on the things I said, you were even wrong on what I pointed out in my posts and you’re still wrong. Once again you’re being an irrational mofo because of simply just the way you are.

I’m not sorry that you’re a fucking asshole. I’ll never be sorry for you over that. That’s your problem if you cannot cope with your flaws. You are arrogant, you are biased, you are whiny, you are egotistical, you are ignorant, you are an extremist, and you are the person who puts down others acting like god’s gift. I don’t know exactly how fucking old you are but it’s time you got your head out of your ass and woke up. Smell the roses sunshine because you are human and you have fucking flaws like the rest of us. Welcome to fucking reality!

You’ve got to stop assuming that I’m this white prick. You’re adding in more bullshit to this entire thing than I care to count. How many times do I have to say that? Yes, I know people are suffering! This is old fucking news and I am really sick and tired of you accusing me (once again) that I don’t give a damn about this. Just because I don’t want to join your fucking shitty cult doesn’t mean that I don’t do things for other people in my country that are suffering. I do donate to fundraisers, I am part of small groups within my city that fight for this, I do everything in my power to speak out against people that wish to continue to see people of all races, status’, genders, sexualities, etc to be used and abused, thrown in jail, beaten on the street, the list goes on. You’re just too fucking close minded to see this!

As for Mr. David, sure he’s still not a nice person either or someone I’d side with but I can at least see one reason why he wouldn’t like women (Sure call me sexist for catching a glimspe of this other side.). I didn’t say this was right, I didn’t say that I agreed with this. I don’t personally know this man (really don’t care to) and I know that he’s also closed minded so to me that example made sense. How would you feel if someone picked apart every goddamn thing you did? You’d feel cornered, I know you would. So add his close-minded views + women attacking him/’calling him out’ + other reasons why he’d hate women and there you have it: someone who hates women.

Why did I apologize to him? Because I made a fucking mistake in joining your band of ‘rights activist warriors’. I should be ashamed for wasting my time and being such a dick for a fucking ridiculous cause that you parade about as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I should have never even done what I done – it’s petty, it’s stupid, it’s hurtful. We all made fun/attacked someone who shouldn’t even matter to us. Like why try to point out these things to him? Clearly Jon David does not give a fuck about what you and your friends say or think. He’s going to do whatever the hell he wants and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it. Truth be known he’s probably sick and tired of everything you people are trying to do. After being butchered for everything he’s posted within the past few years I would think so.

And by the way apologizing to someone that I personally feel that I’ve wronged doesn’t make me childish. It’s the right fucking thing to do. You fuck up, realize your mistake and apologize for it. It’s the kind thing to do.

Another thing I have to wonder is why bother continuing on an issue so fucking small and worthless? You should be doing more useful things with your time than bothering one man about his sexist issues. How about you go and fucking help all of those suffering women you’ve been bitching to me about for the past few days? How about that? Your whining on people like Jon david that definitely are sexist/racist versus people like myself that you think are sexist/racist is fucking stupid. It’s extremely petty and useless.

I’ve got to say for someone that highly praises their ‘strong human rights activism’ you sure do a lot of nothing. Seriously, here you are arguing with me over the internet (a girl you’ve never met or know personally)with your fire and brimstone point of view on basically my point of view. Unproductive much? And flinging around the whole ‘maturity’ insult is so fucking stupid, everyone on this planet is immature in some way, shape or form. Calling me ‘immature’ doesn’t make you any bit more ‘adult’ in this situation (or any).

And speaking about adult, you know what the adult thing to do in this situation would’ve been? TO FUCKING WALK AWAY IF YOU DISAGREED WITH ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Obviously you don’t have the same views, ideas or mannerism as I do so why plot your opinion against mine? Like I’ve stated twice now in the past three days that what I post on my journal is mine. My thoughts. My rants. My views. My opinions. You were not obligated to comment nor were you even obligated to read what I had written there. But you couldn’t resist could you? Being your fucking high and mighty feminist self you had to rage against the heathen! Gasp! Blasphemy! Seriously, how fucking old are you?

Also pulling the I’m still ‘sexist’/’racist’ slant is tiring. You were wrong about my post and what it contained. The message I was trying to get across to you clearly didn’t. You’re picking me apart over something that’s not even there. I didn’t lower anyone outside of my ‘status’. Sure I realize that there are people who are different than I that are suffering, yes, but jesus fucking christ I did not attack/bash/hurt/purposefully insult them in any way, shape and/or form. You brought all of that to the conversation. You did. WITH ASSUMPTIONS AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS.


For the final damn point you’ve flung at me this time since I am so fucking tired of hearing you talk out of your ass that it’s to the point where it’s sickening. I am not afraid of you. I’m tired of replying to your bullshit and would kindly like for you to take it elsewhere. I do not appreciate the manner in which you have handled this situation (which was piss poorly done – hence why I cannot even find anything in me to respect you anymore since you’ve *gasp* childishly presented yourself), nor do I appreciate the way you’ve continued this pointless feud. I thought you would’ve done the adult thing and simply said ‘okay this is dumb, I’m going to go and find something better to do with my time’ and go and do just that. But you insist on keeping the fire going. I was ready to put this to bed but you just kept and kept and kept on going. (Anything I posted afterwards was blowing off steam since hey THIS IS MY FUCKING JOURNAL.)

It would be shameful for me to be afraid of a fucking brat like you. I shouldn’t need to be. So do me a favor and shut the fuck up. I don’t need to hear another word from you.

I don’t agree with feminism, I don’t like you, Jon David or your lackeys nor do I care. I’ve already posted my ‘after thoughts’ and my ‘opinions masterpost’ on what I believe in. If you don’t agree good – take your opinion and quit shoving it in my face. If you do then good. Glad to hear it. But for fucks sakes stop being a fucking petty bitch and getting on my case. GO DO SOMETHING BETTER WITH YOUR TIME. IF NOT THEN GO FUCKING EAT A BAG OF DICKS AND HAVE A GOOD FUCKING DAY.

I’m done with you and that’s final. Now fuck off, quit being annoying and go away.




 Alright people, I’m here for one final rant on the flame war that ensued over the past two days. These are my after thoughts on the subject and how our fellow ‘rights activist warriors’ had come along to ‘save the day’ (Because I’m really worth their time to argue against seeing as I’m such a terrible person! And attacking people is surely what these activists should be doing!).

 I’ve got to wonder about people who hail themselves under these kind of titles. I’ve heard a lot of people say that feminism is there for EVERYONE and does believe in being EQUAL. I’m yet to see this. I know if any hardcore feminists/regular feminists see this they’ll shit on me too but oh well! This is the internet children and I’m entitled to my opinion just like you are! What people say something stands for and what it really stands for are sometimes two very different things. I couldn’t believe the behaviour of some of these people who claim themselves as a ‘rights activist’ no matter what banner your under (Just feminism seems to be the worst out of them all from my perspective).

 Makes me wonder sometimes if people are sane when they write some of this stuff. I’ve got to ask that if you’re such a strong believer in equality then why come out of your dark corner and attack people? What does making fun/attacking me or anyone else that has opposing views do for your cause? I don’t think standing up for human rights includes hating people for being different/unique nor calling people down to the dirt for mistakes, different views or even being misunderstood by said people. What is this all going to prove? It doesn’t make anything right in terms of justifying yourself and upholding your image as a ‘good person’.

 People had completely missed the point of the original ‘flame wars post’ that I had put up two days ago. Did this surprise me? Not in the least, I knew there was going to be some smart ass who was going to come along, misinterpret what I had written and go ape shit. Sadly that’s exactly what happened. I was accused of being basically a white bigot when all I wanted to say is that I believe in equality – I’m an egalitarian (If you insist on putting a word on me, at least this one doesn’t have as bad of a connotation as some others.) and there’s nothing wrong with that. So what I don’t praise the hell out of women and say that we still need more rights (When we’ve got plenty.), I don’t feel the need to squawk over every little thing. I’m okay with what I’ve got which is pretty damn good.

 I just got to shake my head at the very fact that the people who attacked me – yes I was sort of friends with them for a while – just went all out nuts and became the very kind of people they said they stood against! I sadly didn’t see how cut throat and extreme these women were who mad fun of an immature 40 year old man and called it awareness. I for a little while was no better and I’d actually like to apologize to Mr. David for joining their bandwagon. It was wrong of me to follow blindly into such a mess. If no one believes me on the fact that they ‘made fun’ of this man instead of awareness then look at some of their previous posts. IF this man does ANYTHING, he’s automatically attacked by these people. Even if it’s a tiny journal post about a movie he didn’t like or a picture he draws that has nothing to do with viewpoints.

 I’d also like to point out that there’s awareness against a misogynistic novel then there’s bashing someone. What does making this person feel like shit going to do for you? Nothing. On another note, I can completely see why someone like Jon David would see women as evil (I know that sounds awful, but hear me out). Think about it, if the women in his life are mainly these ‘haters’ who attack him over every single thing using a guise that’s for ‘feminism’ or ‘awareness’ then clearly it’s going to leave him with a bad taste in his mouth and make him bitter. Sure, this isn’t right either (And I, by no means agree with Jon’s point of view), but at the very least I can understand now the whole picture. I figured there was a good reason why I just gave up on my readings on wrath of missy. It just wasn’t fun anymore, nor did it feel like it was worth it going through all this trouble to beat a book that’s already been beaten to death by these extremists.

 I’m very sorry to say that I blindly joined this group for the ride seeing as what these ladies (at least the two that flipped at me, I won’t say anything on the rest, but if they’re alike then… that’s sad.) stand for is very obscured. I’m sure they could find something better to do with their time then bash people.

 A lot of my co-workers would even tell you that I’m not a white ignorant bigot who hates women and is racist. When I told a handful of them yesterday of this shit storm they kind of looked at me wide-eyed and said ‘HOW?! YOU’RE LIKE THE NICEST PERSON EVER!’. It’s true, normally I’m very calm and kind to others but when you step over my personal boundaries and invade my space that’s when I become someone that’s not so nice. I will defend myself, I won’t lie down and take someone’s bullshit. I’m definitely not going to take someone labelling me as something I’m not nor will I take people attacking me personally.

 I’ve got to ask, what did I do to you personally that made you want to be a douche and try to rip me a new one? Voicing my opinion shouldn’t substitue for a personal remark. People, this is petty, why would you do this? All I got to say is, if you’re so righteous, then why are you starting shit storms on the internet with people you’ve never met face to face? Doesn’t make sense to me, unless of course these are ‘trolls’ then I can see why but that just makes them twice as terrible. Tormenting people for the sake of tormenting which essentially was what this was is just down right dumb.

 Sad part about all of this is that I made a point in the second post of the flame war that people suffer because there are those out there that are close-minded and/or corrupt. Wouldn’t being a ‘troll’ when you stand up for human rights consist of being corrupt? Hypocritical even? Wouldn’t twisting something to fit what you believe in or painting someone into a picture they clearly don’t belong in be closed-minded? So point is, these two ladies that sprung out at me and tried to rip me a new butthole are unfortunately the same kind of people that prevent everyone from having equal treatment. I know someone is going to say that they were doing what they believed to be the right thing, but think about it – if they didn’t like what I was writing about then they could’ve just walked away without leaving a comment. Being this ‘justice warrior’ really has gotten them no where and the people like them.

 To be honest I cannot stand people like this. People that think their noses belong in a place where it doesn’t and then give an excuse that it’s their ‘duty’ to because of ‘x’. Excuses are excuses and petty reasons and petty reasons no matter which way you look at them. This is the internet and this is technically my journal. I’m entitled to my opinion and if you don’t agree then that’s fine but don’t shove your views down my throat. I don’t need that. Just be happy to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

 Something else I wanted to bring up since one of my co-workers did is would you say this to my face in real life? If yes, then good – bring it on. I am certainly not afraid to speak out against this kind of shit outside the internet. If no, then why? Why say something that you wouldn’t normally say? That, in my opinion, makes you a coward. People are famous for hiding behind a hunch of pixels and speaking out against things they normally would remain silent over. I say if you cannot practice what you preach then why preach? Why lash out at someone just because you’re not face to face? That is low, really low and makes me upset to know that people would do this. This is why so many more issues are brought forth on the internet, because people cannot handle the heat when it comes to face to face contact. Is our society really that cowardly and spineless that it’s got to hide behind something to voice it’s opinion/views? That’s really fucking sad. We should be able to communicate as humans with one another on a daily basis. Not squabble away at computers or phones.

 And then people have to right to ask why we’re so fucked up? This right here – this flame war is screaming proof of why. People have been taught that this kind of behaviour is ‘okay’. Being spineless, being cowardly, spiteful, hiding under ‘rights’ banners, throwing your opinions in other people’s faces, having an ego, being two-faced, shunning others for disagreeing with you views, and even parading around hate because it’s ‘acceptable’ and ‘justified’ – this is just a few to name but society has told us that this is ‘okay’ because your perfect the way you are and should be proud of yourself. No people, just no. People are not perfect, they’re never going to be perfect because human nature allows us to have flaws. It allows us to make mistakes and carry bad traits. People in recent years have been fed this ‘you’re special and should be proud’ crap as part of self acceptance movements. No. Just No. This is right here is why we have so many close-minded young people today. And sure someone else is going to shit on me for this but think about it – if trying to prevent self hate and the idea that someone needs to ‘better’ themselves has been abolished then they’re going to think that they’re okay no matter what. Even if they’re the world’s biggest asshole. This here people is what promotes these ‘self righteous activist warriors’. This is why I personally think the world is too accepting of people’s flaws starting from an early age and that the world needs to gain back its back bone to stand up tall.

 What people today consider ‘bullying’,’insulting’,’sexist’, etc. Is crazy – some things that should be called out are entirely dismissed while other petty little things that need no attention are blown out of proportion. People need to calm the fuck down and actually think. I repeat constantly that ‘common sense’ is a fucking super power because it’s true – people just don’t think anymore when they hop into things. These bitches that came onto my page to go insane are a prime example of people simply not thinking things through and letting their own egos get in the way.

 I pray that some day people will be better off than they are now. I pray that they’ll actually use what they’ve been given by nature/god (whatever you believe in) to their advantage to make the world a better place and to quit squabbling amonst themselves.

 That is that. Enjoy your day people.






WOW INTERNET WOW. I make a statement about something that yes, I don’t know every nook and cranny but have a generalized bit of information on and I am well, like I said in the previous post that I would be - misunderstood. CONGRATULATIONS. WOOOOOOOOOOOO, my point completely flew overhead.


I hope one day that you grow up, look back on this insanity, and are sincerely embarrassed by your past self.

Because I’m embarrassed for you. This is so very, very wrong. Toxic has already left a lengthy explanation of why - something that you seemed to have ignored entirely - so I’m not going to reiterate something that you’ll just ignore again.

But you’re wrong. And you’re embarrassing. And you still have a chan attached to your username.

So, bye Felicia.

Okay first of all I’m not ‘immature’ because I don’t have the same view points as you and secondly me being ‘wrong’ and ‘embarrassing’ is your opinion. So good for you for disliking me in the least.

 As for what your friend wrote I read it and I understood it and she went overboard with the whole thing giving me the ‘extremist view’ I knew I was going to get when I wrote the damn thing. Like I stated, she over-analyzed my entire rant - you need to take each paragraph as a whole… not break it down into bite sized pieces, decide to twist them into something more ugly than what we started out with.

 And finally as for my username, guess what that’s an old nickname given to me by a bunch of dear friends. I’m still even called ‘Robina-Chan’ by the people that I actually speak Japanese with (Which includes the lady that taught me Japanese who is FROM JAPAN). So if you don’t like my username then TOO BAD. I really don’t care what you think of it, it’s not yours! And by the way, nice way of being a douche and taking a stab at me that’s entirely unrelated to this rant. Which you clearly didn’t understand either! So like I said before CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING NO WHERE! GO GRAB YOURSELF A HERO COOKIE!

Lol, ‘extremist view’. 

You’re so stupid. And you are immature, because your point of view is of that of an immature person who’s never thought about how anyone lives but themselves. 

I understand your rant darling, it’s just wrong and incredibly ‘why can’t everyone just be white?!’ and it’s really, really awful and really, really racist. Like, completely and utterly erasing anyone who doesn’t have exactly the same things you do in life.

So, you suck.

And it breaks my heart that you do, because every time a woman goes “I don’t need feminism because MY LIFE is great!” I lose a little more hope for America. (And Canada to, but you’re not there so that’s something.)

You could be a voice for the marginalized people, help WOC’s movement, help the native women in your society, help ANY WOMAN REALLY AND USE THE PRIVILEGE YOU DO IN FACT HAVE TO STAND UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

And I’m not gonna even touch that whole ‘PEOPLE ARE RACIST TO WHITE PEOPLE TOO!’ bullshit. 

Yes, people can be prejudiced jerks, and yes, POC might not wanna hang out with you because you’re white.

But that doesn’t change the fact that people have to “Latifa” to “Tina” on a resume just to get called in. There was also a story about a white man named Kim who was applying for jobs, and didn’t get called in until he added ‘Mr.’ in front of his name. 

Or how many trans women are in jail for just defending themselves for being assaulted. Or how many abused mothers are in jail for shooting the man that was going to kill them and their children.

You’re not in jail? You have a job? That’s fucking great.


And I should hope the lady who taught you Japanese was from Japan, and obviously that was a stab at you that has nothing to do with this rant. It just adds to your massive douche factor and it was worth pointing out because I think it’s stupid like everything else you’ve said so far.

So there. That’s how it was related. :)

And for someone who doesn’t care what I think about their username of all things, THAT WAS THE LONGEST PARAGRAPH IN YOUR REPLY.


Please respond with a lengthy paragraph explaining just how long you took Japanese class and how you’ve been to Japan and blah blah blah because defending a suffix is more important than reflecting on your fucking life.

Okay Asshole, I’ll handle you the same way I handled your friend. Let me firstly tell you that I never said that everyone should live this ‘white life’, nor am I ignorant about other people’s lives. I understand that other people are suffering for standing up for their rights. And also I never implied that everyone should be white. You’ve completely missed the whole point of my rant – it’s about equality – not being white. I don’t care what goddamn colour you are if any. Just like your friend you’re too callused and ignorant/arrogant to put aside your opinions to see from my point of view. Congratulations on being an oversensitive fuck wad.

 Secondly do you honestly think that I don’t stand up for people’s rights? I do – I just don’t need to be under the ‘feminism’ banner to do so. GEE, what’s that? You can do human rights movements without being part of feminism?! WHAT IS THIS? YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT. Wow. Like honestly. And by the way you want to know why I’m not part of feminism – go see my opinions masterpost that was recently posted this morning! That wil tell you why and if you don’t agree then good for you.

 I also realize (SO SICK OF REPEATING MYSELF!) that there are people who are not white who are having a hard time out there. I know it’s tough for jobs, I know people get sent to jail… Things like this happen all the time. I’m sure even here in Canada (lol, where I live…) there are people who are discriminated against.

 No one said life was easy nor was fair, it’s because of the lack of inequality that people mistreat others along with close-minded views and deep rooted prejudices. So until people stop fueling hatred with hatred then this problem will never end. That was the meaning behind my post, not let’s all be fucking white… neither you or your friend understood because you let your ‘feminist’ views get in the way and you over analyze the shit out of things.

 As for the final bit of your reply… all I can say is real mature. That right there is the pot calling the kettle black. You should learn to pipe the fuck down and grow the fuck up.